Tiramisu Cake- Costco


I was strolling the aisles of Costco, which may I say is not a smart idea, when I came across this cake. It was on special as well, which I can never resist!

I was SOOO excited to try it. I absolutely LOVE tiramisu. My favorite of all time is from Roman Cucina. Anyways I had mixed thoughts about how good this would be. Costco usually puts out really good products but I also have really high standards for tiramisu.

I was anxious to take a bite so as soon as I got home I did!

I was pleasantly surprised. The cake was good and moist. It could have been moister but it was good enough. I enjoyed the coffee flavor. Although there was no liquor :/ I always like that addition. 😉

Obviously I think a homemade tiramisu is better. But on short notice/laziness this is a GREAT option. I would definitely bring it to a party or dinner get together.


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