Welcome to my sweet life, as I like to call it. I am Elizabeth and I am OBSESSED with baking. The amount of sugar I consume is quite sickening really. I eat raw cookie dough for dinner. I often have a cookie before I have my healthy breakfast. Chocoholic describes me and my family. I cannot get enough of it. I absolutely love biting in to a warm chocolate chip cookie or a flaky croissant. Baking brings me happiness through my taste buds and heart!

Travel is also a passion of mine. I have been blessed with family that lives half way across the world, so I HAVE to visit them 🙂

And, like most girls I love shopping. It definitely calms me down and perks me up!

My ultimate dream/goal is to one day own my own bakery or restaurant. I have worked in the restaurant industry since I was 14 years old and definitely know about the bad/negative sides but I am ready for the challenge!

So here I am writing my confessions along the road to one day owning my own restaurant.

I couldn’t do anything I love without the help from my family and friends. Who I love so much!






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