Once your cake has cooled in a large bowl crumble the cake into crumbs. The cake crumbs should be small crumbs, no large chunks of the cake should be left.

Crumble your cake

Add half of the frosting required and stir together, then add a bit more frosting at a time until you are able to grab a chunk of the batter and press it together and it holds itself together easily.

Add Frosting

Step 2

Use a tablespoon scoop to portion out the batter into cake balls.

Scoop the Filling

Step 3

Freeze them for 20-30 minutes. Then I re-roll the balls as I find the colder balls are easier to roll into a true circular shape.

Freeze and Reshape

Step 4

 Take a candy stick and dip it lightly into the chocolate then poke it into a cake ball, this helps ensure the cake ball sticks to the candy pop.

Add the sticks

Step 5

Place the tray of cake pops back into the freezer for 10 minutes then pull out 3 or 4 at a time as you dip them.


Step 7

Dip into the chocolate to ensure the whole cake pop is covered.

Dip in Chocolate

Step 8

To decorate cake pops remove the cake pop from the chocolate area preferably over a sheet pan or plate and add desired sprinkles directly after dipping.

Add Toppings

Step 9