Step 1

I roll mine into about a 12-inch circle so it's thin but not too thin.

Roll your Short Crust Pastry

Use your pastry cutter/ cookie cutter to cut out the tart shells. Cut as many as you can from the first rollout of pastry.

Cut the Pastry

Step 2

Place into your tart tin. If the pastry rips no problem, just add a bit more and press it together, this is very forgiving.

Add to Tart Pan

Step 3

Crinkle up a pie-sized piece of parchment paper then uncrinkle and place over the pastry dough and fill with pie weights or dried rice or beans. Once the oven heats up bake the pie crust.

Bake the Pastry

Step 4

Take one tart shell and fill it with pastry cream, but not too full as the fresh fruit will press the cream out. Add your fruit.

Add the Pastry Cream and Berries

Step 5

Use a pastry brush to brush the fruit with the glaze.

Add the Glaze

Step 6