Step 1

Start by adding your egg whites to the bowl and whisk on medium speed until foamy- about 1-2 minutes. Then you will add your cream of tartar.

Whisk Egg Whites

Whisk the cream of tart in for another minute or two. Then add the vanilla extract- the mixture will look brown but don't worry.

Add Vanilla and Cream of Tartar

Step 2

Keep whisking on high until you reach stiff peaks.

Keep Whisking

Step 3

Once the meringue batter is ready add it to a piping bag fitted with a tip. A wilton 1m works great or a plain round tip.

Add to a Piping Bag

Step 4

You can pipe the meringues in any shape you like. Just make sure they are consistent in size- this will help them bake evenly.

Pipe and Bake

Step 5

Once the meringues are baked turn the oven off & let them dry in the oven overnight or at least 8 hours. Then enjoy!


Step 6