How to make Box Cake Better 

How to make Box Cake Better 

Measuring your ingredients without precision can cause a recipe to go drastically wrong. I always prefer to weigh my ingredients with a scale. The American "Cup" measurements can cause serious discrepancies.

Measure your ingredients properly

Most boxed cake recipes call for vegetable oil, while oil does a great job of ensuring a moist cake, it lacks tremendously in flavor. So swapping out the oil for melted butter works deliciously.

Swapping out butter for oil

Boxed cake mix asks for the most basic cooking ingredient ever, water. replace the water using milk or buttermilk in a cake mix increases the flavor and fat in the cake resulting in a richer flavored cake crumb.

Swapping out water for milk

Do not add prepared pudding, you want to add the dry pudding mix. For chocolate cake use a chocolate pudding mix and for white or butter cake use vanilla pudding mix. Use the small box of pudding 3.7oz. This helps increase the flavor and create a softer cake.

Adding Instant Pudding Mix

Try adding a half cup of sour cream to your cake batter for an incredibly rich and extra moist cake. Even adding a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise is wonderful. You may be thinking mayonnaise goes with something like egg salad but if you think about it mayonnaise is actually made of mostly egg yolks emulsified!

Adding more fat