English Trifle Recipe

Step 1

Make a berry compote then mix in fresh cut-up strawberries.

Make a Berry Compote

You can make homemade custard or use a store-bought mix like Bird's English Custard. You want a thick custard.

Make Custard

Step 2

Slice your favorite pound cake into thin-ish slices and spread with a thin layer of berry jam.

Spread Jam on Cake

Step 3

Make a slightly sweetened whipped cream until stiff peaks form.

Make Whipped Cream

Step 4

Add cake chunks to trifle dish and sprinkle sherry and orange juice. Then add berry compote.


Step 5

Layer the custard on top into a nice thick layer then add the fresh whipped cream, you can just spread or pipe it on for decoration.

Add Custard and Cream

Step 6

Add fresh berries and shaved chocolate before serving!

Add Toppings

Step 7