Chewy Caramel Recipe

Chewy Caramel Recipe

Step 1

Dump all of the ingredients, minus the sea salt and vanilla bean paste, into a large heavy-bottomed pot. Stir it all together and cook over medium heat and whisk constantly.

Cook the Ingredients 

Whisking this all together until it cooks up to a gorgeous chewy caramel. Once it is 236 degrees take off the heat!

Continue to Mix

Step 2

Add the salt and vanilla bean paste. Whisk quickly then pour into the prepared pan

Add Vanilla and Sea Salt

Step 3

Use a metal spoon to help spread the caramel into an even layer then let it sit for one hour on a wire rack.

Level the Caramel and let it sit

Step 4

Once the caramel has set hold the parchment paper to life the caramels out of the dish. Use a large knife to cut the caramel into rows. Then I use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut the rows into squares!

Cut the Caramels

Step 5