Sur La Table

A store filled with heavenly items. I constantly find things I didn’t know I needed but now know I NEED! There are so many cool gadgets and cute stuff. I absolutely love it. It is a dangerous store for me though! I can spend WAY too much money. Everytime I visit I always have really friendly and helpful staff 🙂

I was in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago and picked up a few things but I wanted to go back to get some more things especially some presents for my sisters new apartment and my mom got a new oven. Well I received an email that they were having  sale, needless to say I was at Sur La Table, Costa Mesa later that day  🙂

I picked up the cutest cupcake liners, some matching aprons, oven mits, pot holders and tea to

wels, a new 9 X13 inch pan and a new BPA free plastic container. I have never used a pan from the brand Sur La Table so I am interested to see how it works.

Below are some pictures of my purchase. I think you should all go to Sur La Table like NOW and pick up on the great deals! 🙂

PS I am so excited to take some cooking classes there!! Has anyone else?

This is a picture from my recent trip

Cupcake Liners:

Seriously all these are WAY too cute how could I say no?

Aprons, Tea Towels, Pot Holders, Oven Mits

Pans & Containers 

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