Lemonade, West Hollywood Review

Lemonade, West Hollywood CA

One thursday a few weeks ago, I took the day off to spend in LA with one of my best friends Courtney. We were strolling around West Hollywood and decided  it was time for some lunch at Lemonade. Courtney heard good reviews. We walked down the street to  Lemonade.

When we arrived it was obvious. The building was a light green with yellow writing and yellow umbrellas on the patio. It was surrounded by bushes with yellow flowers. We walked in to a busy lunch place. They are famous for their “marketplace” a bunch of fresh salads ranging from tomato avocado salad to a kale and mushroom or even salmon and basmati rice.

I ordered the tomato avocado, lime and pine nuts salad. It was MARVELOUS! I loved every single bit.

I also ordered a salmon and basmati rice salad. It was good, probably wouldn’t order it again.

For the marketplace you can order the salad with a protein land or sea. I had the curry chicken. It was okay. It wasn’t bad by any means. But it was not good either. It was dry.

For dessert we got a chocolate chip cookie and a red velvet cupcake. Courtney heard that the cupcakes were good. I don’t know if I got a bad batch because it was not good at all. It was dry and crumbly. The frosting was good. I didn’t even eat half of it and it was a mini size cupcake. The chocolate chip cookie on the other hand was YUMM-O!! It was such a buttery cookie. It was crispy on the outside and nice and chewy on the inside. It reminded me of the Chocolate Chipper from Panera Bread but a better version.

I will definitely be returning to Lemonade.

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