Extraordinary Desserts

Extraordinary Desserts, San Diego CA 

A few years ago one of my best friends was attending school in San Diego. I would visit her every so often and one trip she told me about this place that I would LOVE, Extraordinary Desserts. So naturally we went. And, yes I did LOVE it! 

Over the weekend I spent the day in San Diego with my family and we hit up Extraordinary Desserts on the way out and took some desserts to go! 🙂 

If you find yourself in the San Diego, CA area please visit Extraordinary Desserts you will not be disappointed! 
Creme Brûlée so yummy. 
Chocolate Dulce De Leche Bar was very decadent and rich I enjoyed it 🙂 
White Chocolate cake with fresh berries- This was my favorite the cake was SOO moist, fluffy the cream was amazing the fresh berries and the white chocolate shavings just took me over the moon 🙂
This VERY chocolatey cake was scrumptious! There is a layer of blackberries in there as well
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