Sur La Table

A store filled with heavenly items. I constantly find things I didn’t know I needed but now know I NEED! There are so many cool gadgets and cute stuff. I absolutely love it. It is a dangerous store for me though! I can spend WAY too much money. Everytime I visit I always have really friendly and helpful staff 🙂

I was in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago and picked up a few things but I wanted to go back to get some more things especially some presents for my sisters new apartment and my mom got a new oven. Well I received an email that they were having  sale, needless to say I was at Sur La Table, Costa Mesa later that day  🙂

I picked up the cutest cupcake liners, some matching aprons, oven mits, pot holders and tea to

wels, a new 9 X13 inch pan and a new BPA free plastic container. I have never used a pan from the brand Sur La Table so I am interested to see how it works.

Below are some pictures of my purchase. I think you should all go to Sur La Table like NOW and pick up on the great deals! 🙂

PS I am so excited to take some cooking classes there!! Has anyone else?

This is a picture from my recent trip

Cupcake Liners:

Seriously all these are WAY too cute how could I say no?

Aprons, Tea Towels, Pot Holders, Oven Mits

Pans & Containers 

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Shoes OMG Shoes

I am a big believer in the saying “If the shoe fits buy it in every color”, especially for comfy high heels! 

Over the past few years my love of shoes has grown… although my closet has not 🙁 I constantly find my self justifying another pair of black boots “Well, I don’t have black suede boots with a wedge” Although I already have black leather boots with a wedge, flat black suede boots, and suede black boots with a heel. Now apply that philosophy to every color, type and different sized heel to all shoes. 

The other day I saw a pair of shoes that were screaming my name! I didn’t have any shoes in this color and they had a nice thick heel and were only $30! 

I am so excited to wear them for spring and summer! What a gorgeous color! 🙂 

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