Cajun Kitchen, Santa Barbara

I recently went on a girls weekend to Santa Barbara, CA. It was marvelous. We relaxed, we went out and danced, we ate lots of food, went shopping and did a bit of drinking as well 😉

The trip came to an end Sunday morning at Cajun Kitchen. I was a bit skeptical because I can not handle any spiciness at all. I fully admit I am PATHETIC when it comes to hot/spicy food.

We walked in at about 830AM, luckily we beat the morning rush. We sat down at a booth towards the back. It was an old fashioned diner type place. All the staff were friendly enough.They had a large menu but we narrowed it down quickly as we were HUNGRY! I was on the verge of HANGRY! But let’s be honest I always am 😉

We ordered. The beignets were very tasty with the caramel and cooked strawberries and bananas.This was by far my favorite item we had. For my main breakfast I ordered the Ranchers Omelette which was eggs, tomatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese and avocado. The omelette was the perfect combination for me. And I’m kind of obsessed with tomatoes, so I enjoyed that the omelette was bursting at the seams with tomatoes. The hash browns were fine, nothing to write home about. The same goes for the French Toast. It got the job done but I have definitely had better.

The beignets are definitely the reason I will return. Check out Cajun Kitchen next time you are in the Santa Barbra area. They also have locations in Ventura, Lompoc, Carpenteria and Goleta all in California.

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