31 Confessions

  1. I cannot say no to dessert.
  2. I grew up visiting England all the time.
  3. Italian/ Greek food are my ultimate FAVORITE!
  4. I go shopping way too often.
  5. I LOVE making lists. To do list, Packing lists, Shopping List anything with a list!
  6. If the shoe/dress/shirt/bag fits buy it in every color.
  7. In high school me and my girlfriends were referred to as Six Chix.
  8.  I graduated from CSUF in May 2011.
  9. I absolutely love going out with my girls dancing.
  10. I love dense cakes- airy and light is not for me!
  11. I look like a “bitch” but I am really not  🙂
  12. I hate waking up late, I feel like my day is wasted.
  13. I know the difference between a good Reeses Peanut Butter Cup and a bad one.
  14. I don’t eat a lot of red meat but DAMN I love a good Filet Mignon.
  15. My mother and I get a pedicure together every two weeks.
  16. I look at the dessert menu before the rest of the dinner menu.
  17. Last time I was in Australia my sister and I visited Max Brenner almost DAILY!
  18. I have two sisters, who I love so much and want to strangle at the same time.
  19.  My best friends kids call me Aunty Bunny!
  20. Everytime I visit NYC I insist on making it a food tour.
  21. I work at a restaurant, so food is my liiiiiiiife and I love it!
  22. When I am taste  testing something out of a pan I continue to eat and just keep cutting a straight line as if no one will notice.
  23. I absolutely love to travel.
  24. I constantly find my purse filled with 10-20 lipsticks/lip glosses.
  25.  Fresh bread with butter is one of my ultimate weaknesses.
  26.  I love Keeping Up with The Kardashians.
  27. I’m very sarcastic.
  28. YouTube Beauty Gurus are my favorite to watch.
  29. I love Orange County.
  30. I HATE working out.
  31. I believe you can never have enough little black dresses.


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